Thursday, August 16, 2001

Ahh........Woke up to a lazy thursday. So many struggles in the world. So much drama and mental stumps to overcome. Huh, Life is great. It only makes you stronger. So much easier too,when you have insperational words to guide you through..."This torture that my heart confides I left behind to die" (ea)

Wednesday, August 15, 2001

Gladly I did not make it to work today...........I had a bad day again(Fuel) ha.Last night was crazy. I couldn't sleep at all. I literally cried myself to sleep. So many probs.But hey. Every one has problems.So I am not going to play the sad violins for myself. The craziest thing though last night. Around 1:00 i was awakin by the strange sensation that I was drowning!!!!! I sat up in bed and came to my senses and realized, I couldn't breathe.I raised out of my bed in a hurry. Trying to catch my breathe. I didn't. I was breathing but I felt I wasn't. I tried to make it to the bathroom but I was so dizzy. Spining , spining spining."Stop it now" I yelled. Nothing.I figured I was in a very deep dream. But I wasn't. Some how I made it to the bathroom.(Then I was sick) It happened twice.Why? I guess it wasn't enough crying myself to sleep. So many grown watchers. Have the right to tell me and youngsters............Why do you guys act like this. Why are you so strange and demand attention. Why are you the person you are.Laugh!! What runs through my mind."I ,Trisha, am the product of your regrets." Broken homes. Broken homes. they have broken my internal home. Through out all this I am full of love.Why I was sick? Who knows.Not drunk. Not high. Lost. Today was alot better though. I didn't go to work.Spent the day with a good friend. Danni. We are so alike. Yet diffrent.We have so much fun together. We stayed at he house had some happy drinks and watched a movie. She too is in need of alot of attention.But as long as we are friends I will always love her......
'm in a hurry right now because I forgot to pick up my mom. Ahh!!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2001

Well another strange weekend gone by. Luckly I have a good friend like Danni to go through this strange weekend with me. Alot going on in my mind. Not much action taken though.......

Sunday, August 12, 2001

Before I lay to dream............hum........probably not.
Since my first entry I have had several thought's. Although a very good human in my life say's I think to much about things.I find myself at this point in life full of love and emotion.Huhh.........Full of my own. A lot of love missed as a child. But many to agree with that thought. Along with being misunderstood. Lucky for me I have a special person in my life at this moment. New to my heart. But very well adjusted.Can't say I know them very well. Yet I feel very close.
Humm............ Very exited to have my train of thought's out of my mind. So that every one can join the ride. I've met a beautiful human. New to to my eye's. An angel in disguize (Did I spell that right) or maybe A friend indeed?